J wong's Thai & Chinese Bistro Entrance

J Wong’s Thai & Chinese Bistro

J Wong’s Thai and Chinese Bistro opened at the end of 2009 in the Patrick Dry Goods building located at 163 West 200 South in Downtown Salt Lake City. The Wong family, namely the four brothers (Jason, Josh, Jordan, and Jesse) had grown up in and around the restaurant business and wanted to open a spot of their own where they could share some of their heritage. Having their mom from Thailand, visiting many different places in Thailand, and growing up eating delicious Thai food; added to a list of Thai cuisine they wanted to share with everyone. Then theres the Chinese side. Their dad having come from China, and already owning and cooking in several Chinese restaurants, gave the Wongs a list of Chinese cuisine that would also be a central part of the menu. When J Wong’s Thai & Chinese Bistro was created, it wasn’t limited to just one style of food. The brothers decided to have the option of both, and created a Utah restaurant that could offer both Thai food and Chinese food.

Imported Thai Phoenix Statue

J Wong’s Thai and Chinese Design

Patricks Dry Good building is over 100 years old, but this didn’t stop the Wong’s vision from matching the interior of the restaurant to the food. Just like with J Wong’s menu, the blend of Thai herbs and spices with Chinese character and flare was how the interior was decorated. With all the Thai and Chinese recipes in hand the Wong’s wanted to give their guests a full experience. From the minute you enter J Wong’s front doors the Asian vibes sweep you up and whisk you off to the amazing dining experience you are about to have. Many of the decorations and paintings were imported from China and Thailand, offering a very unique and authentic setting. The design offers a sleek and contemporary feel, setting the tone for diners with a relaxed and soothing aura as if in a modernized Thai or Chinese nook. Many design nuances were taken into consideration because everything needed to match the level of quality that would be expected from the kitchen.

J Wong's Sweet Thai Chili Red Snapper

J Wong’s Menu and Balance of Thai & Chinese Food

Thai and Chinese cuisine has an abundance of different flavors and options. Narrowing down the right amount was a difficult task when having such a large list of dishes that the Wong’s wanted to serve. Knowing that some Thai food might be too spicy or some Chinese dishes might not be for everyone, the Wong’s worked on what they felt would be the best offering. They wanted to give new options that some might not have tried, that other restaurants didn’t offer, be it a Thai noodle dish only served in the busy streets of Bangkok Thailand or a Chinese potsticker dumpling found in small towns of mainland China. The menu was divided into a Thai food section and a Chinese food section. Each side was then given a variety of dishes to suit many different cravings. The one thing that was created equal between the both were their bases. J Wong’s base is quality. We start with high quality ingredients. This sometimes comes at a cost, but some of the menu choices just wouldn’t work any other way. Then it comes down to hard work in the kitchen. All our recipes are made in house. All sauces and marinades are prepared fresh to give the highest of quality. Each day our kitchen staff arrives and begins to prepare everything on our Thai menu, be it the herbs and spices that go in our Thai soups, or the freshly cooked meat, that will be in a Thai stir fry. They do this to provide Salt Lake City’s best Thai food. All the meanwhile, preparing everything on the Chinese menu. From all our Chinese marinades and sauces, to all the Chinese appetizers that J Wong’s offers. With the means to give Salt Lake City’s best Chinese food. J Wong’s menu is as unique as the restaurant itself, but has proven itself worthy to represent J Wong’s Thai and Chinese Bistro.

Take out & delivery food and container

Salt Lake’s best Takeout & Delivery

J Wong’s doesn’t want to limit anyone from eating our food. When creating the menu many staples were removed in order to be the perfect size, but this caused a pain in the back of our mind because we knew we could execute those ever so popular Thai and Chinese dishes that had been left off. We also knew that some dishes just wouldn’t do well for take out that had been included on our dine in menu, so we decided to create a dedicated menu to takeout & delivery. This is where we could include staple dishes like Beef & Broccoli or Sweet & Sour Pork. This also gave the opportunity for those that don’t dine in at J Wong’s to eat our great food. That way J Wong’s has an offering for everyone, whether it be our Thai food specialties or Chinese classics.

Delivery was something that was a keystone for J Wong’s even before it existed. We knew that a Salt Lake City food delivery service would provide people around downtown an opportunity to eat if they didn’t have a way or the time to come over to the restaurant. Delivery was a medium to offer a great meal, be it Thai food, Chinese food, or a mix. People that are just visiting Salt Lake City, or that live up in the Avenues, or that just happen to be in proximity to downtown could now get great Thai and Chinese via delivery strait to their door or office. Delivering great Thai & Chinese food has become a large part of J Wong’s. When J Wong’s was established there wasn’t any Thai food delivery service in Salt Lake City. There wasn’t a Chinese food delivery service in Downtown Salt Lake City either. This was why making a carryout and delivery service a priority for J Wong’s.

Utah's Best of State Awards for Best Chinese, J Wong's Thai & Chinese Bistro

J Wong’s Awards & Accolades


Thai & Chinese Bistro in Salt Lake City


J Wong’s was started with the desire to show the brilliance of Thai food and Chinese food’s desirability. To achieve this is a day to day struggle, but it hasn’t gone with out notice from Salt Lake City and Utah residents and visitors. We have been fortunate enough to be recognized on several occasions for our desire to provide excellence in dining, Thai food, and Chinese food. We strive to be Salt Lake City’s best restaurant and offer the best Chinese and Thai food in Utah. We have had the honor to receive Best Sign of Economic Life by Salt Lake Magazine in 2009, recognized in Speaking on Business by Zion’s Bank in 2009 and again in 2017, Best new use of bacon by Salt Lake Magazine 2010, Small Business Awards Minority Owned Business of the Year 2011 by Salt Lake Chamber, Best Dim Sum 2012 by Salt Lake Magazine, Best Chinese Restaurant from Salt Lake Magazine from 2010-2014, 25 Best Restaurants from Salt Lake Magazine 2015-2016 , Reader’s Choice Award; Best Chinese 2015, and Utah’s Best of State award from 2012-2016.

We are grateful for the recognition but we work each day for the same reason that we did the day our doors first opened. To provide Salt Lake City an opportunity to experience Utah’s best Thai and Chinese food.